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ESCARAPELA is a Spanish company that was born in 2016 as a result of the work and enthusiasm of a young man from Alicante. That dream turned 5 years old in November. After finishing university studies we set out to make elegant and casual clothes for today's man. Perfect to combine both for leisure and for work. Clothes with which we want you to feel different. 

During the process of creating the brand, one of the aspects that most concerned us was the quality of the product. One thing was clear and that is that we wanted to offer excellent fabrics, thus building a good brand. 

For this, a study was carried out between different manufacturers, receiving several samples until the indicated one was found. Our main objective is that the customer is satisfied with their purchase.


It is the motto and what distinguishes the brand. At Escarapela we seek that when people see a shirt with a different design, they identify it with our brand.

We seek to be different and that the people who wear these garments do not want to be like the others. The requirement is that it has its own style, cheerful and different from what is established.


Another of the most important things of our company, in current times, is to be kind to people and we seek differentiation through our customer service, we try to resolve any questions through social media, email or phone as quickly as possible. It is our commitment and where we want to differentiate ourselves.

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